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Art from nature with passion 

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Since 2023 Simon and Lukas Insam have been running the Insam Ewald wood sculpture workshop, founded in 1979 by Ewald Insam and Moroder Margherita. The family business has been carving wood for several generations, where emotional works of art are born with a passion for wood and the search for perfection. This philosophy has made the Insam Ewald wood carving workshop one of the leading artisan companies.

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Our history.

The Insam Ewald wood carving workshop, founded by Moroder Margherita and Ewald Insam, is a place where not only art is created, but a living heritage that tells a story with every carved shape. The roots of this creative craft activity date back to the 16th century, when the Moroder and Insam families, together with other companions, with dedication and passion laid the foundations for an incomparable tradition of wood carving in Val Gardena. Vinzenz Moroder, the grandfather of the family, sculpted an impressive nativity scene in 1927 and managed to win the second prize at the Milan art exhibition “Pro Famiglia Milano nativity scene competition”. At the Furdenenhof, the youth home of the world-famous director Luis Trenker and the place where the company was founded in 1979, carving and altars were already being worked on in the early 18th century. The academic sculptor Ferdinand Demetz-Furdenan, grandfather of Luis Trenker, is considered one of the most important wood sculptors in the history of Val Gardena because in 1873 he founded the technical school in Ortisei. The foundation of the carving school in Ortisei is considered one of the most important milestones in the success story of woodcarving in Val Gardena. This carving tradition of both families is continued today by the sons Simon and Lukas Insam, who are not only heirs to the craft, but also bearers of a passion that pulses deep in their veins. In the Insam Ewald wood carving workshop, tradition and innovation come together in a fascinating way. Woodworking is not just a craft, but an emotional journey through family history, driven by an insatiable spirit.

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Our motivated employees work every day with skill and dedication to create beautiful wood sculptures for our customers around the world.


Team Insam

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Please note that we do not sell directly in our workshop and Insam Ewald Woodcarvings does not operate an online shop!! Furthermore, our company is one of the last wood carving companies that has the know-how to carry out all the necessary work phases in its own laboratory.



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